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Biden’s Climate Law Solved A Major Problem With A Polarizing Fossil Fuel Technology – Heemang Parmar

[ad_1] For years now, the United States has had the technology to capture carbon dioxide from smokestacks before the planet-heating gas enters the atmosphere. But carbon capture and storage hardware proved so expensive and clunky that one of the only ways to make a so-called CCS investment pencil out was to sell the CO2 to…

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White House Puts Up $2 Billion In Loans For Controversial Buildout Of CO2 Pipelines – Heemang Parmar

[ad_1] To hit its climate goals, the United States is betting on technology that captures planet-heating carbon dioxide at industrial plants before it enters the atmosphere. For that hardware to make sense financially, the country will need as many as 30,000 square miles of new pipelines ― more than all the gas pipelines in California,…

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